Unbeatable Trucking Service

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Thank you for visiting Africa Stable Logistics website – We are the freight forwarding specialists who provide a comprehensive logistics service on a truly global scale using various modes of transportation. When you need to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo put your faith in a name you can trust.  Providing Land, Air & Sea shipping  services to or from any destination across the globe world,
    As a member of various logistics  networks, Africa Stable Logistics has the experience and expertise, together with a local understanding of markets, customs, geography and language, For all needs of export and import, project handling, distribution, warehousing, pick ‘n’ pack or your export requirements, Contact our team.

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Projects Done

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Clients Worldwide

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Owned Vehicles

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People in Team

Special Services

Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, Africa Stable Logistics Special Services team takes care of all your logistics.

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We are always stand-by and eager to help you!.

Get in touch.

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Latest News

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    Mwanza gears up for Uganda cargo. Dry port in the works

    .custom-msg {text-align: center;background-color: #181c55;padding: 5px;color: #fff} The dry port is part of an undertaking which Head of State, Dr John Magufuli, made at a joint meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni during his two-day State Visit to Tanzania last...

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What makes us special?

.custom-msg a{color: #fff} Our dedicated team willing to work 24/7, speed and reliability , integrity and professionalism make us deliver global operational excellence.

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Packaging and Storage

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Warehousing service

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Ground Transport

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Logistic Services

Request a Free Quote

Tanzania - Head Quarter
  • .popular-searches{padding:20px 0 0;width: 90%;margin: 0 auto} New Ushirika Tower, 13th Floor Lumumba Street P.O Box 79896 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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  • .popular-searches ul.first{width:auto} +255 713 54 08 08

Congo DRC
  • .popular-searches ul.first li{border: 0 !important;background-color: #17244a;border-radius: 10px;} 82 Avenue Tabora, Quartier Makutano Lubumbashi, Congo DRC

  • .popular-searches ul.first li a{padding: 49px 60px 49px 25px;background-size: 13px} Guangfu International Trading Mall, Building No.6, Lujing Road,

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    Click here to renew it.
    2nd Floor,Room B032-033. Guangzhou, People Republic of China.

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